The PSA Rating System is for coaches who want to validate their skating skill and teaching experience. Ratings are an assurance to clubs, rinks, skaters, parents, and the general public that the coach they hire is technically qualified to instruct at the level in which they are rated regardless of personal background and skating achievement.

Excellence on Ice

Excellence On Ice (EOI) is a National Award Program established by the PSA that provides rinks and clubs with national recognition as a progressive training facility dedicated to excellence in coaching both on and off-ice.


In the Rankings program, the career coaching record of a PSA member is established only through the accomplishments of a skater/team under his or her direction.

Hockey Skating Program

The PSA Hockey Skating program is designed to teach skating instructors the proper methods of teaching hockey skating. The primary focus is up-to-date techniques to help hockey players become better skaters.


To fulfill PSA-rated continuing education requirements, a rated professional must acquire 28 educational credits in a three-year period to keep his/her ratings active. (E.g. 2017, 2018, 2019 — 28 credits)

If you have passed the Basic Accreditation (BA) written exam or the Foundations of Coaching Course (FCC), you are considered rated.

Live Events

*Education credits are available for PSA members at all PSA events

ANNUAL summit

The annual PSA Summit (formerly known as conference) is a multi-day event, for both coaches and judges, offering presentations on all disciplines, sport science and medicine, motivation, rule changes, and technical teaching. Keynote presenters, as well as featured guest speakers highlight this extraordinary educational experience.


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Full day seminars provide continuing education with the focus on valuable information for all levels of coaches to stay on top of their game. Hosts work closely with the PSA office to develop an on - and off-ice agenda best suited for area coaches.


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Half-day clinics are designed to offer affordable continuing education in your area. Hosts have the option to develop and select specific topics best suited for area coaches. This half-day event may or may not include ice time.


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Education PLUS! The value of hosting or attending a super site is endless. The PSA office partners with local clubs and hosts to find the magic combination of topics and sessions for ALL to learn. With the super site format, hosts are able to combine multiple events over the course of two or three days to educate coaches, judges, skaters, and parents.


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This one-day course is a recommended resource to provide introductory strategies to successfully navigate the world of coaching and optimize your teaching potential. On and off ice sessions will give a foundation of resources and tools for your business of professional coaching for both new and experienced coaches. Successful completion will earn coaches a certificate that has the equivalency for the Basic Accreditation (BA) exam. All registrants will receive a free copy of the Coaches Manual, and non-members will also receive a complimentary Basic membership with PSA for the current season.


Apprenticing offers an opportunity to work under a master rated coach to learn new skills and update current ones. Apprenticeship in all disciplines involves: on-ice observation of private or group lessons, on-ice lessons to improve teaching techniques and off-ice discussions of teaching techniques, music editing, training schedules, tests and competitions, parental interaction, etc.

Apprentice Application and Guidelines

Apprentice Completion Form


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Ratings Prep Training prepares coaches for oral rating exams. This three-day program features a master rated coaching faculty presenting on- and off-ice topics. Each discipline and level are offered based on interest and registration.


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In cooperation with the Professional Skaters Association, U.S. Figure Skating requires the mandatory yearly continuing education requirement (CER) for all coaches at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events.


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The PSA E-learning Academy contains all of the online courses and exams offered by the PSA, including the Basic Accreditation and Sport Science & Medicine exams, Continuing Education Requirements (CERs), Hockey Skating, PSA E-learning Series, and more.


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PSA offers periodic webinars on a variety of topics. The webinar platform allows for video, audience participation, and live Q&A with presenters. Webinars can be viewed live or at a later date with an on-demand recording.


Access a library of PSA videos from past conferences, summits, webinars, and seminars, as well as tips from master rated coaches on the PSA TV platform. This on-demand video streaming service brings PSA education right to your home.


Other Events


Any person or organization can apply for their event to be recognized as a PSA Endorsed Event as long as they meet predetermined guidelines and speaker qualifications. PSA will then include the event in the Calendar of Events. Agenda items or topics must be educational in content to receive credits and speakers must meet certain criteria. Applications for consideration must be received at least 70 days prior to the proposed program date to receive the full marketing package by PSA.

Endorsed Event application